Curtain Terminology

Curtain Terminology

What is a Swag Pair?
A swag pair is a curtain that is long on the sides and tapers up towards the center.  The swag is split in the center so a valance can be added for wider window widths.

What is a Valance?
A Valance is a shorter curtain at the top of the window.  One or more valances can be hung side by side for wider windows.

What are Tiers?
Tiers, also called Cafe Curtains, hang from the mid point of the window down to the sill, or below the sill.   Tiers can be one piece or can be split as a pair.

What is a Panel Curtain?
A panel is a curtain that usually covers the entire length of the window from the top to the sill.  Panels can even hang to the floor.  They can be used alone or under valances and swags for a complete window treatment.  Most split panels come with tiebacks for pulling back.  Panels can be also be one piece.  

How many curtains do I need per window?
Fullness is a matter of personal preference.  We recommend 1-1/2 to 2 times the width of your window  measurement.   However, we have used less if we wish to see more of  the pattern.   You may use two or more times the width of your window if you would like a fuller look.